September 14, 2020

Experienced Riverside Law Firm Takes on New Cases

The law office of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP is pleased to announce that it has expanded its law practice and is now offering legal counsel related to residential real estate matters.


September 10, 2020

RIVERSIDE, CA -- The law office of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP is pleased to announce that it has expanded its law practice to better serve clients throughout the Riverside area and is now offering legal counsel related to residential real estate matters, title disputes, and property line disputes. The law firm has been open since 2004 and its lawyers bring decades worth of combined legal experience to the table.

Residential Real Estate Matters

While the law firm has long been assisting clients on commercial real estate matters, it is excited to be expanding to provide representation for residential real estate issues, too. Types of residential real estate matters that the law firm can provide guidance on include--

  • ● Purchase and sale agreement negotiations;
  • ● Boundary disputes;
  • ● Title insurance;
  • ● Landlord and tenant disputes;
  • ● Disclosure issues;
  • ● Breach of contract;
  • ● Foreclosure;
  • ● Title disputes; and
  • ● More.

The law firm is particularly excited to be offering services pertaining to title disputes and property line dispute matters.

Title Disputes

Title problems can quickly sour a real estate transaction. The lawyers at the office of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP have the experience and knowledge that clients can depend on. Common title disputes that arise include:

  • ● Unknown liens existing against the property;
  • ● Illegal deeds;
  • ● Heir disputes or missing heirs;
  • ● Errors in the public record;
  • ● Forgeries;
  • ● Undiscovered/unknown easements;
  • ● Boundary and survey disputes;
  • ● Undiscovered will;
  • ● Impersonation of owner; and
  • ● Encumbrances against the property.

Resolving these issues requires a skilled attorney who not only has a firm understanding of real estate law, but also who is able to commit fully to a case, has connections to various experts and companies that may be integral in resolving the issue, and who has the resources to launch a full investigation into the issue.

Property Line Disputes

Disputes over property lines are unfortunately common, and may arise as a result of a change in title of a property (i.e. a buy-sell real estate transaction), because a property owner wants to expand their home or build something within their yard, and more. Property disputes can be extremely contentious, as well as challenging to resolve--in some cases, property documents go back decades, and determining who rightfully owns the property may require an intensive investigation. In some cases, a property dispute may even result in litigation, which can be costly and time-consuming to the parties involved. The law firm of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP is proud to be able to offer its clients throughout Riverside the comprehensive legal services they need when facing property line disputes and other residential real estate matters.

Wagner, Zemming, and Christensen--Three Experienced Attorneys Ready to Help

Practicing law since 1981, Attorney Denise E. Wagner, Esq. has extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas. As managing partner at Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP, Attorney Wagner has earned a reputation for hard work, dedication, and excellence. She has tried multiple cases, and has appeared regularly before the State Appellate Courts, 9th Circuit Court, and California Supreme Court.

Attorney Marty E. Zemming, Partner, has an equally impressive background. Admitted to the bar in 2001, Attorney Zemming has nearly two decades of legal experience representing clients--including both individuals and businesses--in litigation matters. He is particularly well-versed in real estate litigation matters, including title disputes.

Finally, Attorney Risa S. Christensen, Partner, was admitted to the state bar in 2003 and joined the office of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP in 2005. She has demonstrated her skill as a formidable representative in court, and is regarded for her success in many trial court judgments, including trials before both the state courts and the 9th Circuit.

Representing Yourself Isn’t Worth It

As the attorneys and the law firm expand to include residential real estate law as one of their practice areas, they want to assure potential clients that attempting to represent oneself during a residential real estate dispute simply isn’t worth it, and could have detrimental long-term consequences. For the best possible case outcome, partnering with an experienced lawyer that has a client’s best interests in mind is always a smarter idea, and can result in a more favorable outcome and a quicker settlement in many cases.

Ready to Serve

The law firm of Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP3 is ready to begin serving clients looking for representation on residential real estate matters, including title disputes and boundary disputes. Consultations can be made by calling the law firm directly or sending the firm a message using the intake form found on its website.

Wagner Zemming Christensen LLP is a Riverside, California-based law firm that offers legal services for clients in regards to business law, commercial real estate, employee and labor law, personal injury, private mediation, and residential real estate.

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